Can I calculate Total Costs in a Profit Bandit BuyList and then import that as my Paid Price in SellerEngine Plus?


If you are using the Android version of Profit Bandit you can obtain the Total Cost (buy cost + Amazon fees) by subtracting profit from selling price.



To obtain the Total Cost for items scanned with Profit Bandit follow steps below:


1► After emailing the BuyList from Profit Bandit, open it in Excel, insert a new column after the 'Selling Price' column, and apply a simple formula which subtracts the values in the 'Profit' column from the values in 'Selling Price'.


2► Save the file as a .CSV or .TXT tab delimited format.


3► Do a Custom Import of the saved file in SellerEngine Plus, you can map the 'Total Cost' column as either Paid Price or Minimum Price, then you can use this value to set up Lower Limits for calculating prices. For detailed instructions on how to do a Custom Import you have a tutorial video below:




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