I'm getting double orders after accidentally re-listing recently sold merchant-fulfilled items. How can I correct this?

Q: Recently I started getting orders for items that I've actually sold in the past. What happened and how can I undo this problem and stop the double-orders?


A: The only way sold items can be re-listed is if you skip the step of downloading your Merchant fulfilled orders first before making any uploads from SellerEngine Plus to Amazon. Retrieving orders updates Inventory Quantity to '0' so that sold items don't get re-listed in case you use Upload > Add new items... or Update Quantities. 

You have to download your Merchant fulfilled orders (click Orders > Get my orders now) before making any uploads to Amazon. If you don't, any Merchant fulfilled items that have sold since your last upload will be re-listed because the Inventory Quantity values did not update to zero and still show 1 or higher.


SOLUTION: If you already re-listed the items, at this point, in order to de-list sold items that were re-listed by accident please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Get a Order Report

First you need to get a list of all your recent orders from Amazon. In Seller Central, click Orders > Order Reports, select the number of days that have passed since you made the upload that re-listed sold items, then click Request Report. 

Step 2: Prepare a import file with SKUs in the Order Report

Next, open the orders report in Excel, delete all columns except for the one containing the SKUs, then add a new column and call it 'Location' in which you need to input the same value for every SKU - "Sold Listing" for example. Save the file as a Text Tab delimited format, or as a CSV.

Step 3: Import the list of sold SKUs in SE Plus

In SE Plus, do a custom import of this file. Click Import > Import from file, click Next, browse to the location of the previously saved file and select it, then choose the Custom format option and click Next. Make sure the two columns in the imported file are mapped correctly with Merchant SKU and Location columns from the software, then finally click Finish. The Import Duplicates dialog will appear asking you if you want to update "Location" in the inventory database for the SKUs in the imported file - make sure to update this field for all SKUs since it will allow you to separate the re-listed items from the rest of your inventory.

Step 4: Delete these already sold MFN items from Amazon and SE Plus

Sort your inventory by Location (if you don't see this column in the grid click File > Customize columns, start typing Location to jump to this column in the list, then change it's position in the grid if you need to), if you also sell FBA items press the Shift key while clicking on the ListedState column to separate FBA sold SKUs from MFN ones.

Select all items that show "Sold Listing" or whatever you entered for Location, then mark all items for delete (click Set Amazon Flags > Set Delete from Amazon). Next, click Upload > Remove listings marked for delete. Once that is done go ahead and delete the items from the inventory database as well.


NOTE: Before you upload the delete requests to Amazon you might want to check your settings first. Click File > Preferences > Upload Options, then choose the delete type you want to use for media items.

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