I get an error and can't register my shipment. How can I recreate an FBA shipment?

Q1: When I try to register a 'Local' status shipment I have been working on for a while now I get the following error message: "CreateInboundShipment response: ERROR_CODE: InvalidRequestException."

Q2: I accidentally registered a shipment as Shipped and now I can't purchase shipping charges on Amazon. What is the easiest way to recreate a shipment?



A: For both scenarios above and others as well the solution is to recreate the shipment. The easiest way to redo a shipment is to mark the items in the current shipment, delete the shipment and create a new one with the marked items. First, make sure that in 'Preferences' > 'FBA settings' the software is set to automatically register new shipments as Working. Next, follow the 3 steps outlined below:


Step 1 - Mark the items in the current shipment

Before removing the items from the current shipment you will need a way to identify them in your inventory database. Select all items in the shipment, click Edit, and in the User Data field type in something to help you identify these items in the inventory view - this will be useful when you get to Step 3.


Step 2 - Delete the problem shipment

In the FBA Shipments Manager tab select the shipment that you need to recreate then click the 'Delete' button. If the shipment is on the Working status then click the 'Set Status' dropdown and set it to Cancelled. Next, go to the 'Cancelled' tab and delete the shipment from there. 

IMPORTANT: When the software asks you if you want to restore inventory quantity for the SKUs in that shipment please make sure to check Restore Quantity before clicking the 'Remove Shipments' button.


Step 3 - Create a new shipment with items from the initial shipment.

After deleting the shipment, go back to the inventory tab, sort items by the 'User Data' column (if you don't see the 'User Data' column in Inventory go to View > Customize Columns to enable this column), select all items that were previously in a shipment, right click and then click Add to shipment.


You will now see one or more new shipments on the Working status already registered in Seller Central. You can now finish working on the shipment.

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