How can I find out which of my items don't have a reprice schema?

Q: When I want to reprice my inventory, I get a popup saying that some items don't have a reprice schema assigned. How can I find out which items they are?


A: To find out which of your items in inventory don't have a reprice schema assigned what you can do is sort the items by the Reprice Schema column. If you don't find this column in the inventory grid go to View > Customize Columns, then in the list of available columns start typing "reprice schema" to jump to the column and enable it. You can also change its position in the grid by dragging it across the list up or down.

Once you isolate the items without a reprice schema, if you want to assign the same schema to all of them select the items, then click Edit so you can assign the schema in bulk. To create a selection click the first item in the selection you want to make then while pressing the Shift key click on the last item in the selection.


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