Why is Sellery a better repricer than SellerEngine Plus?


• Even if SellerEngine Plus can automatically reprice against live competition, it can only do basic repricing: you can choose to filter out competition you don't want to compete with, set up lower limits for repricing based on a predefined minimum price, and choose a reference price to compete with.


• With Sellery, our web based software, reprice setup options allow you to go in much more depth compared to what SellerEngine Plus can do. You can create item lists based on multiple variables you choose (sales rank, number of listings, etc.) and set different pricing rules for each list. As the variables specific to an item change and it jumps from one list to another so does the way the item is repriced. This way you can avoid leaving money on the table while also increasing the number of sales. 


Sellery is two times faster at repricing and it automatically adds to the minimum price of each item other additional costs like FBA fees, Amazon commission, and VAT tax. This way you don't have to worry about losing money on a sale when you're lowering prices to stay competitive.


• Since SellerEngine Plus is a desktop application if you want to reprice your items around the clock you need to leave your computer turned on with the software running on Automatic Reprice, and make sure the internet connection is reliable and consistent. But with Sellery you don't need to worry about any of that since it lives in the cloud and you can access your Sellery account from any computer connected to the internet.

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    Kindly improve SellerEngine Plus so it has many of those repricing options as well..