What is a Bucket?

When you're looking at competition in the Price Check tab what you see is not a list of all individual listings for the selected item but a list of offers grouped together in buckets of listings. So these buckets are groups of offers for which the following criteria are matching:

  • Condition of the item
  • Fulfillment channel (FBA or MFN)
  • Whether the seller is local or not 
  • Lead time to ship offered
  • Feedback rating interval (98-100%, 95-98%, 90-94%, etc.)



• If for any two listings all the values above are the same then both will be included in the same bucket regardless of price and feedback count.

• In the Price Check Tab you can tell if a bucket contains just one or multiple listings by looking at the Number of Listings column.

• When a bucket does contain multiple listings the Price and Feedback Count you see for it both belong to the lowest priced listing within that bucket.

• If there is more than one listing with the same price as the lowest priced listing in a bucket the "Multiple Listings at Lowest Price" column will be checked.

• The buckets are compiled using only the first 15 lowest priced listings for every condition category (new, used, collectible) and everything else is discarded by the Amazon API.


Note: This can cause problems in cases where you want to compete against the Lowest FBA Price when this price is outside of the first 15 lowest priced listings which are all MFN. There is nothing we (and any other 3rd party software developer for that matter) can do about it since it's a limitation in the Amazon API.


Find out more on this subject by reading our blog post about buckets here.


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