How can I account for MAP agreements when Sellery reprices my items?

Minimum Advertised Price (or MAP) agreements are quite common in the domain of selling merchandise online.

Accounting for this value in Sellery requires a bit of setup:

1. Create a new Custom Field (Settings > Custom Fields) titled 'MAP' and set the type to 'money'. Click OK to save.


2. Generate a .csv or Excel file with two columns: SKU and MAP. Fill the sheet with all of your SKUs and their MAP value in the appropriate columns. Then, upload that file under Settings > Uploads. This upload will result in each SKU's MAP value being visible in the MAP custom field column. It can now be referenced in your Pricing Rule(s).

3. Navigate to Settings > Pricing Rules and enter the following special case at the very TOP of your 'Buy Box + Exceptions' tab for any rule being assigned to an item or group of items with MAP:

*You can select either 'my price' or 'my price + shipping' here depending on your preference. Choosing 'my price' will limit your price to the MAP value as the lowest limit, but the price set on Amazon will be higher than the MAP value when it accounts for shipping. 

Repeat this step for any new items coming into Sellery with a MAP agreement. This will ensure that Sellery always respects that value as the absolute lowest limit for the price.

** Please note that the Minimum Price value for an item will override any and all other values, so if your MAP price is lower than your Minimum Price, Sellery will stop your price at that Minimum Price value rather than go lower to your MAP.


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