How do I scan new items in SE+ to create FBA shipments with them?


If you have a batch of items that you haven't yet listed and want to send them to FBA to be fulfilled by Amazon, follow instructions below:


Prep & Scan

Start in the Quick Add tab. When adding items to FBA shipments we recommend that you sort the items based on Condition before you start scanning as this will help you save time. You won't need to change the 'Condition' field before scanning each item since everything stays the same after scanning one item and moving on to the next one.

You need to set the following fields before scanning in an item ( = mandatory):
Merchant SKU (click the button next to this field if you want to configure how SKUs are generated; once SKU configuration is set up and if it applies to all items you want to scan then you only have to edit this before scanning the first item)
Price / Item (specify a price manually if you don't want the software to set a price automatically calculated according to the reprice schema you assign)
• Paid Price / Item (if you will be using it to calculate lower limits for repricing)
• Print Label (check it if you want to print the individual label right after scanning)
• Reprice schema (if you want to set Price automatically using previously set up schemas)
• Description

Once these fields are set, click on the 'Product ID' field and scan your item. This will then add your item to your inventory database and in to a shipment. The Quick Add tab will clear except for the fields mentioned above which will remain unchanged. You can continue scanning all items using the steps above.


Print labels

You can print individual FBA labels as you scan if you turn click the 'Print Label' checkbox. You will need to set your Label Printing settings first.


Or you can print these labels once you are done adding items into a shipment. Go to the FBA Shipment Manager and in the 'Shipping Session' tab you will see all of the shipments that are currently open.


• Highlight all of the items in the shipment (press CTRL+A or click 'Selection' > 'Select All');

• In the upper left hand area of the shipment screen, you will see the "Print Label" button.

• Click on the black down arrow next to this button. Choose "Print labels for all quantity of each selected item".

This will then print individual FBA labels for all the items in that shipment.


 Upload items to create new FBA listings

Once labels have been printed and the items have been labeled you will need to upload items to Amazon.

• While your items are still highlighted click on "Upload". Here there will only be one option available, click on it. 

This will then create inactive FBA listings, these will be activated by Amazon when they receive and process your shipment.


 Update shipment status from Working to Shipped

• Your next step is to go to Amazon and finish working on the shipment. In Seller Central you can choose your preferred carrier to print the shipping labels, the ones that go directly on the box.

• Once you finish working on the shipment in Seller Central the shipment's status will be changed from Working to Shipped or In Transit. 

• You will need to update the status of the shipment in SellerEngine Plus. Go to FBA Shipment Manager, open the shipment that you have just finished working on in Seller Central, and click the 'Retrieve Shipment from Amazon' button


That's it! You're now ready to start working on new shipments and to continue working on the ones already existing in the Shipping Session.

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