Can I run SellerEngine Plus on more than one computer?

SellerEngine Plus can be installed on multiple computers for the same Amazon account with no additional fees.

Since the software was designed to be used on only one computer some limitations will apply. Here are a few important facts you need to be aware of before deciding to run the software on more than one computer:


1 • Each installation of the software will work with its own inventory database. This means that if you want to keep both databases in sync, you will first need to upload to Amazon changes you make to your inventory and shipments on one computer and then download/retrieve from Amazon on the other.

2 • You can't add items to the same FBA shipments from multiple computers at the same time. You'd have to add to shipment on one computer, register your progress on that computer with Seller Central, then on another computer retrieve the shipments from Amazon before you can continue with adding more items.

3 • If you use Automatic Reprice on multiple computers at the same time, Amazon will likely throttle your requests. Repricing from more than one computer does not mean faster repricing because the uploads made to Seller Central are still going to be queued and so changes will not happen any faster on Amazon than repricing from just one PC.

4 • Adding new items on multiple computers simultaneously increases the risk of creating duplicate listings because newly added items on one computer will not be visible on the other(s) so the software will not be able to detect duplicates. If you only sell one-of items and don't run the risk of creating duplicate listings, make sure to set SKU configurations specific to each workstation.

5 • We recommend that you use each installation for a different purpose. For example you can set up SellerEngine Plus for automatic reprice on one computer while on another one you use it for managing inventory and FBA shipments, or for researching products.


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