How do I reconnect Sellery with Amazon MWS?

If your Sellery account has lost it's MWS access connection, you will see this warning displayed at the top of your Sellery account:

Sellery can lose access to MWS if your account is suspended or placed under review by Amazon or if you disconnect it manually from your Seller Central account. If this happens and you'd like to reconnect Sellery, please use the following steps:

1. Go to

2. Check the radio button and enter info as shown in screenshot below:

3. Click 'Next' and agree to the terms on the following page and then click 'Next' again.

4. Copy the "MWS Auth Token" value (see screenshot below) and send it to We'll enter those credentials for your account in the backend and MWS connection will be reestablished with your Sellery account (assuming your account isn't suspended). 

Please note, the above developer number is for the US only. Please use the following codes for other venues:

4958-2614-2458 for North America
1503-7264-5235 for Europe
3471-0179-0453 for Japan

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