Print FNSKU labels for items sent to FBA

SellerEngine Plus gives you the option to print FNSKU labels for items going in to FBA shipments. This is what such a label looks like:


Before printing make sure you have configured your Preferences to use the correct printer and label format.


There are several ways in which labels for FBA can be printed:

► Print labels from the shipment view tab

  1. Select the item(s) for which you are printing labels.
  2. Click the Print Label dropdown button available in the Shipments toolbar.
    • The Print one label for each selected item option will print only one label, irrespective of the no. of copies registered in the shipment with the respective SKU(s).
    • The Print labels for all quantity of each selected item option will print labels for the entire Shipment Quantity, this means it will print for the quantities added to all shipments not just the one from which you are printing.


► Print labels while entering items from the Quick Add dialog

  1. In the Quick Add Panel, make sure the Print Label checkbox is selected.
  2. When a new item is added, a label will be printed out.


► Print labels while entering items from the Add New Inventory Item dialog

  1. In the New Inventory Item dialog, make sure that 'Add to shipment' and 'Print Label' check boxes are both checked.
  2. Enter an item. When the item entry is complete, the item will get added to a shipment and your FBA label will print.


Note: When printing FBA FNSKU labels on a 30 label sheet, please set your printer to use 'A4' rather than standard printing.  They should now print correctly.  

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