Reprice speeds are not as fast as usual

If you recently created a new database or set up Seller Engine Plus on a new computer then it is expected for the software to take more time on the first run through the new database. This will only happen on the first cycle as the software needs to import both competition and biblio data for each SKU.


Here are some changes in settings you can apply to enhance reprice speeds:

Compact the database
Go to File > Compact database; do this regularly if you don't already - once a day or every time you run the software is ideal. If you are using Automatic Reprice make sure to check the box for the "Compact database before every automatic reprice cycle" option. This will make repricing faster and will limit the risk of the database getting corrupted.

Disable competition data
Go to File > Preferences > Debugging, check "Do not save offer buckets in the database" and uncheck “Save reprice log information”. Click 'OK' to save.

Disable image URLs
Go to File > Preferences > Price Check Settings and uncheck “Retrieve ImageURL from Amazon”. Click OK to save.


SellerEngine Plus is expected to reprice at a speed of about 5000 items per hour. If it is performing considerably slower than this even if it's not on the first cycle and settings changes above haven't helped then there might be database corruption and the best solution will be to recreate the existing database.


If recreating the database does not help either check your internet speed. If it's good then the only thing that could affect repricing speed would be a Firewall or Anti Virus application which may slow down communication between Seller Engine and Amazon by scanning the information exchanged between the two.

Even though your computer is not being overloaded with firewall processes it's still possible that the communication protocol imposed by it is causing communication with Amazon to slow down. Our suggestion would be to configure antivirus/firewall software to stop scanning SE Plus activity by adding it to the trusted list.


Last but not least there is the possibility that Amazon servers are temporarily overloaded with data requests. In this case try waiting one or two hours, restart the software, and resume repricing.

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