Delete MFN listings from Amazon and SellerEngine Plus

The typical workflow for deleting Merchant Fulfilled items from both Seller Central and SellerEngine Plus would be as detailed below:

STEP 1: Highlight the SKUs you wish to delete from the SellerEngine Plus inventory database.


STEP 2: From the main toolbar, click the Set Amazon Flags dropdown button, then choose the Set Delete from Amazon option.


Once the items have been flagged for being deleted from Amazon, they should all be checked under the Delete from Amazon column. 


STEP 3: If you sell media items, make sure that in File > Preferences > Upload Options, the Completely Remove Listings option is selected;



STEP 4: From the main toolbar, click the Upload dropdown button, then choose "Remove listings marked for delete";



STEP 5: Choose the Current selected option making sure the SKUs that are to be deleted are still highlighted in the inventory grid, then finally click the Upload Deletes button.



STEP 6: Finally, with the delete request on it's way to Amazon, all you need to do now is press the Delete button from the main toolbar in order to remove the SKUs from the SellerEngine Plus inventory database.



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