Floor Price vs. Buy Box Price Smartlist Category

Under this Category you will see the smart lists that inform you about the impact of the floor price and how that interferes with winning the Amazon Buy Box.


You will learn which items are prevented by your Floor price policy to win the Buy Box, and which items have a floor price that is giving way to win the Amazon Buy Box.


You will also learn which are the items in your inventory for which the Buy Box does not exist.


This data will equip you with information that will tell you where you can lower the floor price in order to stand better chances at winning the Buy Box as well as indicate the items for which you can build other strategies since the Buy Box does not exist.


The Smart Lists under Floor price vs. Buy Box price are:

  • Floor price competitive with Buy Box
  • Floor price not competitive with Buy Box
  • Buy Box doesn’t exist



How is it calculated

In this group of Smart Lists, your floor price plus shipping (as set in your Amazon account) is compared with the Buy Box of the same condition as your item.  For instance, if your item is in the Used condition, BuyBoxBuddy will compete with the Used Buy Box, and New condition competes with the New Buy Box.  If there is no Buy Box for one condition, the buy box of the other condition type will be used.  If there is no Buy Box, the item moves to the "Buy Box doesn't exist" Smart List.

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