Days of Stock Smartlist Category


This category is meant to be a projection on the level of inventory you hold for particular items.


It is insightful as it gives you an indication into which products in your inventory sell well and which sell at a slower pace as well as a direction on which items you should prepare to restock soon.


The data in these smartlists, corroborated/compiled with the data in other Categories such as Fulfillment Method, Sales Velocity, Buy Box ownership paint a very good picture on the quality of your inventory and inform you on the next restocking and pricing strategies to apply.


The Smart Lists under Days of Stock are:

  1. Less than 7 days of stock
  2. 7 – 29 days of stock
  3. 30 – 89 days of stock
  4. 90 or more days of stock



How is it calculated

DaysOfStock = 30.0 * QuantityInStock / SalesInTheLast30Days. Sold-out items are not counted under “Days of stock”. Items with no sales in the last 30 days go under the smart ist “90 or more days of stock”.


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