Setting Floor and Ceiling General Policy and Start Repricing


Before turning repricing on you will need to set the floor and ceiling policy.


In order to set the price limits, click on the button “set overall floor/ceiling policy at the top of your screen. 


The floor & ceiling pop-up window has one field for floor price and one field for ceiling price and they are expressed as a percentage of your listed price (landed price without shipping). 


Afterward repricing will include shipping as this information needs to be included in relation to Buy Box winning. The optimizer compares the user's price + shipping.





In the floor & ceiling pop-up window you have the option to select “overwrite my manual floor/ceiling changes”. As described below, the floor and ceiling price limits can be also set manually, individually for each item, if you need to have different price limits for some items. Selecting the above checkbox will reset the manually changed price limits.

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