BuyBoxBuddy Price - How much does BuyBoxBuddy Cost?


BuyBoxBuddy is offered at  3 monthly subscription plans ranging between $50 and $250 , all of which include full access to all features including repricing and analytics.

When subscribing to BuyBoxBuddy, you will be presented with 3 fixed price options: $50/month; $100/month, and $250/month.


The price you select is fixed and billed in monthly increments but can be for a month changed at any point after your first month.Each tier is associated with your Amazon sales volume. Please select the price tier that corresponds to  your average monthly sales level. You will be able to update your subscription plan later, if your sales volume changes.

Also, please be aware that our team might contact you if there are big discrepancies between the subscription plan that you choose and your sales volume.




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