How do I upload new Merchant Fulfilled listings to Sellery?

In order to add new items to your Amazon account with Sellery, you'll need to prepare an Excel file that contains the following columns: Cost, Quantity, SKU, Condition, and Product ID (ASIN/EAN/ISBN).

If you do not want to include SKU, Sellery will create one using your SKU Settings. You will then upload the file into Sellery under Settings > Uploads. This option is for items that are new to your inventory but that already exist on Amazon's catalogue.

Please note that in order for Sellery to list your new items you will need to ensure they are mapped to a Pricing Rule in the Pricing Overview (under Settings). You also need to turn on Sellery uploads (Settings > Accounts) and have your inventory management enabled (Settings > General).

New FBA items will need to be added directly to your Amazon Seller Central account or using another third-party application. Once you have sent your shipment to Amazon, Sellery will import your new FBA listings and begin repricing them immediately.

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