How do I fix product weights in Sellery?

Given the fact that Amazon's catalog isn't always perfectly accurate, you may find that you want to change a product's weight in Sellery to get accurate calculations for your shipping costs and minimum prices. Amazon doesn't make it easy to change a product's weight, so we've made it where you can provide a custom weight for Sellery to use instead. 

You can customize your products' weight in Sellery by two different methods.

1. Upload a file with the new weights for the corresponding SKUs. Be sure to name your weight column "Custom weight". If you haven't named your column as such, you can map whatever your column name is, to "Custom weight" during the upload process.

2. Or, individually make changes from the "Weight" column in the Inventory grid. Click the current weight number, edit it to your new number and then hit ENTER on your keyboard.


Your new weight values will show in the "Weight" fields, next to the original weight from Amazon. Your custom weight is the one in parenthesis.

When it's available from Amazon, package weight is what you find in Sellery. If the package weight isn't available, we'll use the item weight. And if no weight is reported on Amazon, Sellery's default is 1.5 pounds.

Keep in mind that Amazon will still calculate their fees based on the weight information from the item's product page. The custom weight you're adding in Sellery remains only in Sellery.

If you require a permanent change on Amazon, you'll want to reach out to Seller Support.

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